Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between: A Patron Sourcebook for DCC RPG

Patrons are an interesting aspect of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. Wizards work their magic by drawing from supernatural places and beings. In times of great need or desperation a Wizard can seek to call upon the powers of a patron directly. Doing so can be risky, but can have immense payoffs.

In DCC RPG each patron comes with a realm of influence or responsibility and have several tables that pertain to the Invoke Patron check, Patron Taint, Patron Spells, and spellburn options.

While the patrons included in the DCC RPG core rules are well detailed and set the example, many people have asked for more patrons to choose from. The rules encourage a judge to create their own patrons, but many gamers struggle to find time to prep adventures, much less design more patrons for their game.

For the judges that are looking for more patrons, you need to take a look at the Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between project over at indiegogo. The project has already met its initial funding goal with a little more than a week left to hit some of the stretch goals.

The project will be published by Dragon’s Hoard Publishing. The book will be 32 pages long and be available in PDF and Print depending on which level you join at. For each of the stretch goals that are reached an additional 16 pages will be added to the book.

If you are a DCC RPG judge that feels like they do not have time to tackle creating your own patrons, swing by indiegogo and take a look at this project. There is still a little over a week and a half to get in on this one.