House Rules Poll

I started reading some of the Castle Keepers Guide for Castles and Crusades this weekend. Right up front there is a one page section on not being bound by the rules. If the rules are impeding your fun, amend it, change it, but do not let a rule get in the way of your fun.

This got me thinking a bit and is the reason behind today’s poll. How many folks out there house rule their game? A little? A lot? Absolutely not? Does the type of system have an influence on whether you house rule your game or not?

Feel free to use the comment section to clarify your use of house rules. I am sure the poll won’t completely capture people’s use of house rules.

Here is the poll:

We’ll let the poll sit out there for a few days and then I will comment on the poll results and my thoughts on house rules.


Vote for Friday’s DCC RPG Character Class Review!

There are only three character classes left in The Iron Tavern’s review of Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG character classes. We have looked at the Warrior, the Dwarf, the Thief and most recently the Cleric so far. For this Friday we will look at either the Halfling, the Elf or the Wizard!

Today I am putting up a quick poll for people to choose which class they would like to see The Iron Tavern take a closer look at. Take a moment and vote for which one you would like to see. I have had some mentions of the Halfling or Wizard so far, but we will see how the poll shakes out!

This poll is only running for a little over 24 hours and I will tally the results tomorrow evening (August 8th), sometime after 5pm Eastern time.