Week in Review: 2/19/2012

Art Courtesy chiaralily of flickr.com

Welcome to another installment of this week in review at The Iron Tavern. I like to use these posts as a way to sum up some things that have been going on that might not warrant a post dedicated to the topic.

Timeless Adventures – The Tribute

Carl Bussler of Flagons and Dragons fame has released his Pathfinder Adventure The Tribute for $4.99 for the PDF. I have been quite tempted to do a review on this product, but I was involved with some of the early feedback on the product as he was working on it and feel that could lean my review one way versus another. So I am including in this week in review post.

An adventure for 7th level characters with the Pathfinder system you find yourself at the village of Honningstad and facing the difficult choice of saving the town or rescuing some villagers taken captive from an envoy. The characters must make the choice of which task to tackle first and then see if they can do solve both in a very short timeframe.

In addition to being a well-written adventure it uses a tracking device called the Scroll of Omens to help track the passage of time in an interesting manner. It also allows the characters to visibly see as they proceed in the adventure that their actions have consequences in relation to the timeline.

This one looks like a lot of fun for the GM and the players alike. You can pick it up over at DriveThruRPG.com.

Kingmaker Campaign

The Kingmaker campaign I am running continues to progress. We are midway through book six at the moment and it seems to be going well. Book six of the Kingmaker AP gets a few complaints that it comes out of nowhere in comparison to the first five books in the AP. I believe in my campaign that I have done a good job of foreshadowing the events in book six and it feels more logical. I hope so as at the moment it is my favorite portion of the campaign from behind the GM’s screen.

Our last two sessions have been over Google Hangouts and Skype due to some scheduling issues on my side. Next week’s session will be face to face again. I thought it might be the finale session, but I am not so sure at the moment. Due to some technical difficulties last week we had a late start, so we might have more left than we can fit into one more session. In either case we are getting close.

Campaign Next

See what I did there? Once the above Kingmaker campaign wraps up I will get a break from GMing for our local group for a while. Our normal group’s GM is going to run Council of Thieves for us. I am looking forward to the campaign as it is always nice to just be the player. Our normal GM does an excellent job of weaving together interesting sub-plots. Given the setting of Council of Thieves he should have a plethora of tools at his disposal to do so!

Troll in the Corner

For those that might have missed it, I have become a regular contributor over at Troll in the Corner. I write an article every Tuesday over there. It has been a fun experience so far. Definitely check the site out if you have not done so yet, there are several talented authors over there that post on a variety of gaming topics.

Open Design – Journeys West

The Journeys West Open Design project is progressing nicely over at the Kobold Quarterly site. The major turn-ins are starting to happen and the early rough drafts of the current turn-ins are starting to surface. It has definitely been a learning experience over there for me, both in honing some writing and learning what makes for a winning pitch. It also gives some insight in what goes into a project from start to finish.

Gaming With Kids

I still have been running a Pathfinder Campaign using the Beginner Box rules for the kids. They have been having a good time with the game. For the past couple of weeks my son has actually stepped up to start GMing his own adventures which I have posted about here. He has done a really good job on that. He has run at least one more adventure since my post here about his first experience. We made it part way through that last week, it was another pretty solid adventure from the mind of an eight year old boy!

Weekly Wrap

And this concludes a weekly review at The Iron Tavern. As always I have been keeping busy!