Welcome to The Iron Tavern!



Red Mountain Pass

Welcome to The Iron Tavern! This is my new blog to cover topics related to roleplaying games with a heavy lean towards the fantasy genre.

The site is starting simple as I found myself getting distracted with versions of blogging software, graphic design and various other features and options when what I want is a place to hone my writing skills. So that led me to choose a more minimalist look and feel in the beginning to easier allow the site to evolve over time.

My topics will vary widely in the beginning stages as I find my style and niche. Expect to read things from commentary on gaming, fantasy RPG systems, product reviews for various systems and such. Also expect to come here to learn more about the history of The Iron Tavern and its proprietor, Baerun Ironforge. Along the way you will surely meet some of the “regulars” that come through the Red Mountain Pass and stop by at The Iron Tavern for an evening’s respite from the mountain travel.

I hope you enjoy the blog and follow along as we move forward!